About Us

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“What ever your sport, LISCO custom manufactured athletic equipment will make you look like a winner!”

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For the last 30 years, coaches and athletic directors in the southwest have relied on LISCO Sports to deliver quality athletic facility equipment at competitive prices.

At LISCO Sports, we manufacture your athletic facility equipment right here in America with a corporate philosophy of delivering the best products and service available.

We sell custom fabricated atheletic facility equipment.  We are experts in helping you make the best decision for your athletic facility.

Management Team

Steve Lanham: Owner

Steve Lanham became a partner in LISCO in August 2002 and the sole owner in April 2013.  Steve came to LISCO from the magazine publishing business where he was National Sales Manager for Hotel & Motel Management, a trade magazine in the hotel industry.  Steve’s reponsibilities at LISCO are to direct the sales efforst and manage the manufacturing and finances of the business.

Steve is alos the owner of LISCO Tents, a subdivision of LISCO Sports.  The tent inventory currently ranges in size from 10′ x  12′ to 40′ x 60′ and is the sole tent provider for Texas Tech University’s “Raider Ally” for all home games.  LISCO Tents rents, repairs and sells tents for all occasions.

Virginia Smith: General Manager

Virginia Smith has been with LISCO for 20 years, and is involved in almost all aspects of the company. Virginia is the leading sales person at LISCO and is located in Lubbock, TX.


LISCO Sports Serves:  Public and Private School District Athletic Departments, College and Junior College Athletic Departments, Professional Sports Clubs, City Parks and Recreation Departments, Health Clubs, Tennis and Country Clubs, Independent Wrestling and Gymnastic Organizations, Hotels and Resorts.

LISCO Sports Manufactures, Sells and Repairs Athletic Facility Equipment:  Pole Vault & High Jump Landing Systems, Custom Landing Mats, Windscreens, Wall Padding, Goal Post Pads, Football Padding, Banners and Run-through’s, Basketball Cages and Racks, Protective Vinyl Floor Covering.

Current Market Coverage:  Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona.

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Ready to contact us for a quote?  Visit out “Request A Quote” page for contact information.