Safety Wall Padding

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 LISCO safety padding for solid walls is manufactured using 2” high density polyurethane foam mounted on 7/16” wood backing and covered with 18 oz vinyl coated polyester. The pads will vary in size according to the measurements of your facility. Most orders are for eight 6’ x 2’ x 2 7/16” pads placed side by side on each end of a basketball court. Boards are mounted directly to the wall using “Z” railing (hidden), “L” channel railing, industrial Velcro, or mounting screws. Most school colors available.


Safety Wall Padding Options:                                               Product Number:

6’ x 2’ x 2 7/16” Wood Back                                                        LISCO622716WB
6’ x 1’ x 2 7/16” Wood Back                                                        LISCO612716WB
2 7/16” Thick Wood Backed by the Square Ft                        LISCOSQFTWB
2” All Vinyl with Grommets Priced by the Square Ft            LISCOSQFTAVG
2” All Vinyl with Velcro Backing priced by the Square Ft     LISCOSQFTAVV
Cutouts Available – Custom Graphics Available.                  LISCOCUTOUT

Artwork On Padding:                                                              Product Number: 

3′ x 4′ One Color                                                                          LISCOART341C
3′ x 4′ Two Color                                                                          LISCOART342C
1′ x 1′ One Color (Or Less)                                                         LISCOART111C
6′ x 5′ One Color                                                                          LISCOART651C
6′ x 5′ Two Color                                                                          LISCOART652C
6′ x 5′ Three Color                                                                       LISCOART653C
Custom Sizes – One Color                                                          LISCOARTCUST1C
Custom Sizes – Two Color                                                          LISCOARTCUST2C